Course Details

  • The concept of Teamship is made up of the behaviours and attitudes required to be part of an effective team.
  • Just as Leadership is what it takes to be a Good Leader, Citizenship is what it takes to be a Good Citizen, so Teamship is what it takes to be an Effective Team.
  • Being a great Teamship Leader is an important role to play in ensuring everyone is making their best contribution and encouraging and supporting them to do so.


  • This 2 day learning experience will ensure your Managers and Team Leaders unlock both the willingness and the capability to drive a positive ‘We’ culture. They will explore the importance of 4 clusters – Direction, Skills, Leadership and Ethos – and develop a sound Action Plan for improvement within their teams.
  • This facilitated course with trainer led presentations, activities, group work, practical discussions and integrated work based situations is tailored for Managers and Team Leaders in the organisation.

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